Our Campus

Our Campus

Smart Class Room

A smart classroom is a classroom that is equipped with computer and audiovisual equipment, allowing the professor to teach using a wide variety of media. All the classrooms at the Law School are smart classrooms. Each classroom is fitted the following:

  • A Windows XP/7 Enabled PC
  • Internet Access via the podium PC
  • DVD and VHS Player
  • Room Speakers
  • Laptop Connections for Guest Speakers
  • LCD Projector
  • Projector Screen.

Language Lab

The language lab is an audio or audio-visual installation used as an aid in modern language teaching. They allowed a teacher to listen to and manage student audio via a hard-wired analogue tape deck based systems with 'sound booths' in fixed locations.

The teacher console is usually fitted with master playback source equipment (tape recorder), some means of monitoring of each booth in the class via the teacher headset and an intercom facility offering 2-way communication between teacher and student.

Modern language labs in general offer the following:

  • Text, images, audio and video can easily be integrated; teachers can alter materials to fit their requirements
  • Learners can record their own voice and play back the recordings, interact with each other and the teacher, and store results
  • Teachers can intervene and control the learners’ computers via the teacher’s console, track of learners’ work, etc.
  • Self-access for independent learning which includes access to resources outside class


A well managed and well -equipped library is the foundation of modern educational structure. It is the intellectual center of any educational institution .It provides a quiet place, which encourage study and reading. Library is much than a storehouse of books and distributing center of books because library provides stimulating, inspiring and comfortable atmosphere for studies. It is very necessary to have a good library so as to bring qualitative change in teaching –learning process. The Alpine Public School has done a marvelous works in order to make a good library. In our school the library is quite ventilated and airy, surrounded by greenery. Facility is made for newspaper reading.
Magazine display board. The reading material of the library is divided in to three sections i.e. Periodical section, Reference sections and General section. The whole section is full of qualitative reading material.

Computer Laboratory

The school have a well equipped computer laboratory having colored monitors with P-IV configuration and multimedia units of companies such as HP, HCL, Samsung Have been installed. There is a large collection of educational software. The school plans for further addition by providing 10 computers each year and establishment of wireless LAN. Separate computers are designated for library and office use. Laboratories are planned to be computerized in phased manner.

Other Laboratory
alpine_computer_lab alpine_computer_lab alpine_computer_lab alpine_computer_lab

Transport Facility

The school have a well maintained transport facility for the convenience of the students and staffs. The school buses are available from every area connecting to school with 40 kms.

What APS Provides

  • Healthy environment to learn and grow.
  • I. T. Education to all classes from NURSERY to 10+2.
  • Personality Development programs and counseling sessions.
  • Remedial classes for weak students and slow learners.
  • Special spoken English classes to remove hesitation.
  • Devoted. enthusiastic and hard working staff.
  • Special arrangement has been made for extra curricular activities such as TEAK-WON-DOW, JUDDO, WRESTLING.
  • Music (western & Indian Classical). Dance etc.
  • Facility of special coaching in Cricket. Badminton, Basketball. Hockey and Yoga.
  • Opportunity to learn about ritual performances.
  • Opportunity to participate at State and National Level competitions
  • Facility of scout & guide.
  • Smart Class Room equipped with LCD Projectors and Edu-Comp Software.

Play-Way Kindergarten

Alpine Public School has well equipped rooms for imparting education through play way technique, amusement park for physical development and well trained staff to nourish the tiny tots.

Interaction & Learning Through Clubs & Co-curricular activities

Alpine Public School has clubs to create situations for the students to learn through experiences. In APS we have "ENERGY CLUB-SURYA", "NATIONAL GREEN CORPS" registered with the State Council of Environment Sciences Tech. SHIMLA and "Scout & Guide". Students interact through these clubs with, the Students of other schools and society and become aware of current problems.