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Summer Camp Concludes with Spectacular Performances at Alpine Public School, Nalagarh
  • Event Date: 05-Jul-2024
  • Updated On: 05-Jul-2024
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Description: Summer Camp Concludes with Spectacular Performances at Alpine Public School, Nalagarh The ten-day-long summer camp at Alpine Public School, Nalagarh, concluded on Thursday with a grand showcase of students' talents. The event featured impressive performances by the children, earning high praise from the chief guest and School Director, Mrs. Premlata Joshi. Throughout the summer camp, students were taught various skills such as English speaking, dance, taekwondo, art and craft, music, basketball, and cooking etc. Moreover there was Magic and awareness show organised as well , where Magician Mr. Jagdev Alarm performed tricks and explained logic and reasoning behind the magic. The closing ceremony on Thursday was marked by a vibrant array of programs. Mrs. Premlata Joshi, the School Director, officially concluded the summer camp. Both she and Principal Mr. Harpreet Singh congratulated the children, expressing their hope that the students would continue to excel in the skills they learned over the past ten days. During the ceremony, students showcased the diverse talents they had acquired during the camp to other distinguished guests. The success of the program was greatly attributed to the dedicated efforts of the activity coordinators. Principal Mr. Harpreet Singh explained that the summer camp provided children with training in various sports and activities according to their interests. He emphasized that the camp aimed to teach students how to excel in their favorite hobbies alongside their studies. Overall, the summer camp at Alpine Public School proved to be a great success, demonstrating the children’s learning and growth over the ten days.
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