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  • Event Date: 17-May-2024
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Description: Investiture Ceremony was organized in Alpine Public School, Nalagarh to develop leadership spirit among the students. The program started in which apart from making heads of various houses, head boys, head girls and captains for sports activities department and cultural department were also elected for the school. The oath taking and investiture ceremony of the newly elected student council was organized. Principal of Alpine Public School Mr. Harpreet Singh welcomed Managing Director Mr. Vijay Joshi, School Director Mrs. Prem Lata Joshi and Member Board of Directors Mrs. Rumi Joshi. The program started by lighting the lamp by the chief guest. School Captain, Vice Captain and House Captain, House Vice Captain and various council captains were appointed at the Investiture Ceremony. Captain, Vice Captain and Prefect were also selected for the four houses of the school, Vyas, Sutlej, Ravi, Brahmaputra. In which Head Boy Jai Gautam and Head Girl Rishika Sharma were elected by voting. In this voting, students from class 9th to class 12th exercised their voting. Sports captain Mohit Thakur and Vani Chandel were made, Sujal Kumar and Anika Sharma were made in the cultural department. Members of all four houses were also elected in the school. In which in the senior class, Shreya Captain from Satluj House, Prateek Vice Captain, Lakshin Prefect, Kritika Captain from Vyas House, Navriti Vice Captain, Himani Prefect, Manyata Captain from Ravi House, Kartik Vice Captain, Arnav Prefect, Ashinka Captain from Brahmaputra House, Arshita Deputy. Captain, Rithik was elected prefect. Members of all four houses were also elected from the junior section, in which Purvi Negi was the captain from Vyas House, Vidit was the vice captain, Vanya was the prefect, Saksham was the captain from Brahmaputra House, Sarthak was the vice captain, Virat was the prefect, Vansh was the captain from Ravi House, Monica was the vice captain. , Adarsh Prefect, Navya Captain, Aradhya Vice Captain, Vanya from Satluj Sadan were elected Prefect.
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